So… I’m a simple man, I play the viola and take pictures!

Jokes aside, my first aproach with photography was in an introduction course by Eduardo Expósito I did with my father when I was 15 and a canon EOS 300. I still own (and use!) this basic SLR film camera. Four years later I bought my first DSLR and craziness began. Later on, after my viola’s master, I studied photography 2 years in Mestre Mateo (Santiago de Compostela).

As a musician, I’ve been playing since I was 8. Of course, as many viola players, I started with violin, but very soon on my career (when I was 12) I switched to the dark side. My biggest passion is playing in orchestra, although I love chamber music and ensembles too. I’ve studied in Galicia, Switzerland (bachelor in Lugano) and Barcelona (master in ESMUC). For seven years I was lucky to study with the great Yuval Gotlibovich.

As a photographer I work with portraits of individual musicians or ensembles, and also concert or rehearsal photography. 

See you around!